Project : HOUSE 78

Building Type : Residential (House)

Client : Kobkulsuwan Family

Location : Borommaratchachonnani 78, Bangkok

Area : 450 sq.m.

Design Year : 2017

Complete Year : 2019

This two-storey residential project is 420 square meter house. Located at soi Boromrachachonnani 78, Boromrachachonnani road, Bangkok, Thailand. The owner is a big family who use to live in the townhouses. They need more area in order to expand family. And also for more convenience, they decide to build their new house and new office in the same location.

For this house, there are 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, recreation room, living hall, dining area, kitchen (indoor and outdoor), 3 carparks and fish pond. In the begining the architect uses model for explanation to make sure the owner understand the perception of the design, such as dimension, sequence of the function and form of the building. Feng shui is one of important part that is the criteria of mass, colour and the front porch angle.

By the criteria of the site and Feng shui, the maindoor of the house was positioned on the south-west which made following sequence functions get the heat. The architect has solved this problem by design a lot of windows and courtyards for good ventilation, the front fish pond for cooling down the temperature when the wind pass by, and the stair and main corridor being linear across the site to let them be as filter in order to prevent some of sunlight during the day and also made the interior space felt private.